Corporate Social Responsibility
What we do
Our CSR vision is specializing in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. We assist companies in developing, implementing, and evaluating relevant CSR and Sustainability programmes. 

 Why you should select us as CSR consultant 
1. Breadth of Experience: We have worked for corporations, NGO as well as for small & large businesses.
2. Depth of Experience
3. Diversity: A
ccess to a wide range of different opinions and to people of different ages, genders and ethnicities.
4. Building Capacity
5. Experience with Social Change : Our Expert team have 
academic credentials and practical experience in business. CSR is about bridging the gap between profit and purpose. This helps us to understand how social change works.
6. Inspiration for the organisation

Services offered by CSR Division
 For CorporateFor NGO/Trusts
  • CSR policy preparation & implementation
  • Conduct Need Assessment for CSR projects of companies, which will help the company identify real need on the ground and intervene with impactful Sustainable CSR Projects.
  • Legal Compliance
  • Advisory on CSR fund management
  • Advisor/Member of CSR committee of company
  • Due diligence of implementation partner (where project is implemented by NGO/other party and company has only financed the project cost
  • Progress monitoring and reporting of project
  • Advisory on CSR project selected by the company

  • Keep record of their new projects where fund is required, based on this we can approach corporate to finance such project.
  • Guidance in project management
  • Legal clearance for various projects
  • Indentifying various projects where NGO can work
  • Help NGOs in partnering with Companies for effective implementation of CSR programmes.
  • Help NGOs / Organizations to develop self-sustainable projects with emphasis on maximum utilization of resources, cost minimization and efficiency of revenue generation activities within the project.
  • Provide mentoring/ handholding of NGOs on preparing Sustainable projects, Partnerships, Capacity building of its staff, Reporting and Communications. 
  • Help NGOs in internal and external reporting and communication to meet the increasing demands of transparency and accountability by funding agencies.

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